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The GLIDE Ethos

GLIDE - What it’s about…


GLIDE is an employee owned company that represents all the shareholder members who work in its partner companies. The letters of GLIDE are an acronym of: Growth Led Innovation Driven Employee Company Limited.


This definition embodies the main attributes of the people who work in our company. Any shareholder in any investee company is automatically a member of GLIDE. Irrespective of how many shares a member has, it is one member, one vote, on GLIDE matters.

As shareholders, each one of us has a vested interest in contributing to the process of driving through growth and promoting innovation in all areas of the business. Everyone has the right to express their opinions in a responsible and constructive manner. Likewise, we all have a duty to listen to and explore the validity of those opinions.

“We aspire to work in a challenging, innovative world class business infused with fairness, respect, learning and fun.”


The beginnings of GLIDE…

In the summer of 2011, GLIDE was formed. All shareholders are members of GLIDE which is a private company limited by guarantee. This means that it has been set up, for example, on the same basis as a sports club, where the individual shareholder’s liability is limited to £1.

Since the mid 1990s, Hugh Facey, the founder and executive company chairman of Gripple Limited and Loadhog Limited, has been examining ways to pass on his legacy to subsequent generations of employees. In establishing GLIDE, many considerations had to be taken into account, not least the culture and how to instil our inherent values into everyone that works in the company both now and in the future. Promoting new product development and experimentation in new processes represent key elements of the innovation process.

Hugh Facey, and subsequently Roger Hall, vice chairman of Gripple Ltd and Loadhog Ltd, have both decided to make a gift donation of their personal shares to GLIDE. Their respective donations will be gifted annually over a ten year period, ceasing in 2021. These shares become known as ‘permanent shares’ and can never be sold. They will, over time, generate significant revenue from dividends for GLIDE.


Why was GLIDE established?

  • To harness our unique culture and pass it on to future generations
  • To act as custodian / protector of its gifted share dowry from Hugh Facey and Roger Hall, and to ensure they are never sold
  • To act as market maker in the buying and selling of members’ shares
  • To exercise its right to use the Golden Share, in order to prevent the break-up of companies for the sole purpose of profit
  • To establish an employee elected board of directors to represent its members
  • To charge the board with the responsibility of determining the best way to distribute dividend income from the gifted shares on behalf of their members

GLIDE has been established to preserve and develop employee culture; to look after the interests of its members and to generate engagement by everyone in their company. It’s great to feel that everyone is an owner of their business.


Our goals and the Articles of Association 

The operation of GLIDE is controlled under a set of guidelines and goals contained in a document known as the Articles of Association. GLIDE is committed to encouraging each investee company to achieve: 

  • An annual growth in turnover of 10%
  • 25% of annual turnover from products which are less than 4 years old; innovation is key to long term prosperity and independence
  • A contribution of 1% of budgeted profits to charitable causes
  • The promotion and support of employee ownership to other businesses in the wider economy

In addition, GLIDE has a responsibility to invest any income under its custodianship for the benefit of:

  • Its investee companies by investing in new products, machines and processes
  • Its members by investing in sports, social and other leisure facilities
  • Other businesses in the manufacturing and service sectors, offering unique patented products or value added features
  • Its members, by considering when appropriate, the social, healthcare and financial hardships affecting any of its members
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News & Views

Charity & Community

Working within the community is far more than a set objective we need to fulfil - it's simply part of who we are.


We donate 1% of budgeted pre-tax profits every year to charitable initiatives. Co-ordinated regionally by our charities teams in Sheffield, Obernai, Chicago and New Delhi, we support a range of charities doing extremely valuable work around the world.

We expect our people to be charitable and lend their support wherever possible; its a value engrained in our culture. Activities aren't simply driven by our charities team, but individually, by our people too. We were able to donate £9,000 to our latest 'charity of the year' in the UK -  a figure raised through fundraising activities organised by our people in Sheffield. 

Our support is not just financial; we also donate our time on what we call 'people power' projects. With 700 employees across the globe, we have a wide range of skillsets which we often put to good use on renovation and volunteering projects. 

Recent work has included transforming an outside space into an accessible school playground for children with complex disabilities in Sheffield; a regular volunteering slot at Illinois Food Bank, and running English lessons for children living in poverty in New Delhi.

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Technical Services

Gripple Technical Services is a dedicated team of qualified Engineering Physicists and Mechanical Engineers that offers CIBSE certified CPD presentations and provides the following range of engineering services to building services consultants, designers and engineers.

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Installation Design

Gripple Technical Services offers a full suspension system design service. Drawings can be submitted in either .dwg or .pdf file formats and are returned fully annotated and costed. Bespoke bracket design, and assistance with minimising suspension elements and cost can also be provided. In order to reduce programme time and installation costs further, Gripple Catenary Systems can be employed to span structural steels and suitable building components. Gripple’s Installation Design service provides the contractor with annotated drawings showing the location and length of each catenary wire to simplify the installation process.

Catenary Tension Analysis 

Catenary systems can impose loads on building structures far in excess of the vertical loads applied to each free span. It’s for this reason that Gripple Technical Services offers computer modelled catenary tension analyses to determine both final catenary sag and more importantly, anchor point loading. This ensures that all catenary systems installed meet the requirements of the structural engineer.


Building Information Modelling (BIM) is now a mandatory requirement for centrally funded government projects in the UK, and this highly collaborative way of working is fast becoming the preferred method for carrying out progressive private sector projects.

Gripple Ltd. is the only supplier of wire rope suspension systems that offers consultants and contractors full BIM support in the form of 3D model families. This allows designers to add both fixed and suspended supports for building services, and carry out clash detection in the virtual project environment.

Models are available in a range of file formats including .rfa, .ifc and .dwg and offer full connectivity to product data which can be used to aid cost management, construction collaboration and facilities management. Detailed schedules of Gripple components can be created meaning only the correct quantity of product is ordered, minimising cost and waste.

Gripple Technical Services has recognised the advantages that BIM brings to construction projects and is committed to working with consultants and contractors to develop their BIM capabilities.

Contact Gripple Technical Services for the latest BIM models.

Embodied CO2 Assessment and BREEAM or LEED Accreditation

Gripple Ltd. recognises that today’s buildings need to be designed to the highest environmental standards. In order to facilitate this, Gripple Technical Services is able to provide calculations, based on drawing submissions or site surveys, to determine the ECO2 savings when switching to lightweight wire rope suspension systems. This supporting evidence can then be submitted to BREEAM assessors in order to obtain BREEAM credits or to LEED assessors for LEED points.

Seismic Bracing & Blast Protection Services

Gripple Ltd. is a leading provider of seismic bracing and blast protection systems. In contrast to standard wire bracing, Gripple’s seismic system is fully tested and approved to OSHPD OPA-2123-10 and UL NEBS GR 63 Core Certification and has SMACNA verification, recognised as the most demanding requirement in the world.

Gripple Technical Services can offer:

  • Engineering seismic bracing calculations based on design category, occupancy, importance and relevant site specific seismic specifications
  • Detailed engineer's sealed drawings (electronic format) prepared in AutoCAD or .pdf files (submitted by the consultant/contractor) indicating the location of seismic bracing points and bracket type
  • Gripple on-site training on seismic product installation.
  • Completion visit by Gripple Seismic Authorised Representative to ensure correct installation.
  • Gripple Seismic Bracing products per engineering calculations, including:
    1. Seismic wire rope kit with End Fixing and colour coded verification tag
    2. Seismic component bracket
    3. Gripple Seismic Hanger


Acoustic & Vibration Performance

Gripple wire suspensions offer vastly improved acoustic performance over traditional installation methods. Gripple Technical Services can supply independent test data which confirms the levels of attenuation that Gripple wire rope suspensions achieve over a range of audible and inaudible frequencies, when compared to threaded rod.

Technical Specifications & Best Practice Guides

Along with industry leading certified CPD presentations on a range of subjects, Gripple Technical services offers a range of published material to ensure that installations are done in accordance with the best standards. Titles include ‘A Guide to the use of Wire Suspensions in Swimming Pool Environments’, ‘Suspension of Ductwork and Associated Services with Steel Wire Ropes’ and ‘Suspension of Pipework and Associated Equipment with Steel Wire Ropes’. A generic specification is also available should you wish to include wire rope suspension systems in your design without specifying Gripple products. Gripple Technical Services can also offer advice should Fire Rated Suspension Systems be required.

On-site Support

Pre-commencement site surveys, on-site pull testing to verify substrate suitability, progress reports and completion certificates can all be requested from Gripple Technical Services. Toolbox Talks are also available on a range of Gripple products and time saving installation methods.


Contact the Technical Services team by email or call 0800 018 4264 to speak to the team.



Ideas & Innovation

The Creative Hub Driving Product Design & Improvement at Gripple

Based in our dynamic offices at Hawke Street in Sheffield, our in-house 10-strong Ideas & Innovation team, works to bring ideas to reality in a world class innovation environment.
With an extensive engineering workshop featuring CAD and rapid prototyping capabilities, the team are fully equipped to explore ideas and problems encountered on site. Working closely with our Sales and Marketing teams, we strive to consistently deliver complete solutions to our customers.
Innovation has been the beating heart of Gripple since its beginnings in 1988. We aim to deliver 25% of our turnover every year from products less than four years old, and as such there’s a culture engrained in us to constantly search for new ways of doing things and better ways to serve our customers.
The key to our success is undoubtedly the collaborative work we do with our customers; you are at the heart of everything we do and we love to solve your problems. We also love to listen and as such, always encourage you to come to us. Maybe you have a problem; maybe you think there’s a better way of doing something. The I&I team can rationalise problems and develop solutions. This is what we love to do. So challenge us! Get in touch here.

Our Quality Policy

Our products undergo rigorous quality checks at every stage of manufacture to ensure what we deliver to the customer is consistently of the highest quality. We measure ourselves every day to ensure we maintain the exceptional standards we set.

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  • Provide them the tools (training, coaching and equipment) required to do the relevant tasks with the minimum of fuss
  • Empower and encourage Gripple people to question the current methods and identify - better ways of doing things and make controlled changes with ease
  • Keep people informed of our goals and how collectively we can achieve them
  • Do everything to the best of our ability with pride


  • Work closely and openly to build long-term relationships
  • Provide customers with products which meet if not exceed their expectations
  • Should there be an issue, always respond in a prompt, thorough and respectful manner


  • Work closely to build long-term relationships
  • Share skills, practises and resources to improve, ensuring we get the best quality of product or service available
  • Work together in a transparent manner to learn from previous mistakes and to prevent it happening again
  • Suppliers will be required to spend time at Gripple to understand what we do and how we rely on them providing us with the best possible parts, on time


  • Keep to a minimum; provide the rules needed to allow solution led innovation
  • Learn from previous mistakes and introduce effective measure to prevent reoccurrence
  • Use the Quality system and the associated measures to monitor progress and identify areas for improvement
  • Use the system to continually identify and improve all areas of the business
  • Build checks within the processes to ensure we can only ever make good products

Gripple Automation

Machines Designed for Manufacturers, by Manufacturers.

Winners in the Innovation category at last year’s Baxendale Awards, Gripple Automation offers bespoke design and build of machines to improve manufacturing processes and significantly increase performance.
Gripple Automation combines the experience of being a successful UK manufacturer, exporting worldwide to over 100 countries, with the expertise of designing and building high volume, precision automated machines.
This unique combination gives an inherent understanding of the needs and expectations of the customer, delivering an intelligent machine that results in every competency within a business, from production to maintenance to accounting, all achieving better results.

  • Specialising in industrial automation for production
  • Machines designed for manufacturers by manufacturers
  • Inherent appreciation of requirements, enhancing the design process and the finished product
  • Specialist mechanical, electrical, programming & project engineers with practical manufacturing knowledge
  • Select supply chain of quality equipment and parts
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Energy efficient machines
  • Intelligent process checks, improving efficiencies


Whatever the requirement, small or large, visit www.grippleautomation.com or contact us for an initial review.

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