2017 Year in Review: CEF Fight Night!

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2017 Year in Review: CEF Fight Night!

2017 Year in Review: CEF Fight Night!

One of the more novel events in our 2017 marketing calendar, in support of CEF Live, we created a marketing campaign with a difference, where ‘Gripple’ came head to head with ‘threaded rod’ in the ultimate boxing grudge match.

‘CEF Fight Night’ saw plenty of trash talk, a spicy head-to-head interview and a series of training videos, all geared towards the big fight and a contest none of us could wait to see.

The fight didn’t happen of course; it was all a ploy to encourage visitors to CEF Live to join us on the Gripple stand, but if it had happened, we’re sure Gripple would have been victorious – after all, it’s faster, lighter and more effective than threaded rod…it would have been over in seconds...! 


Posted 19/12/2017.

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