Gripple Performs 'Disappearing Act' for Customers

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Gripple Performs 'Disappearing Act' for Customers

Gripple Performs 'Disappearing Act' for Customers

Sheffield-based Gripple Limited, renowned for its extensive range of suspension systems, has once again responded to customer need and developed the new Black Line which ‘disappears’ into a ceiling structure.

Building on the outstanding success of Gripple’s existing wire suspension systems, for mechanical, electrical and HVAC services, the Black Line products are ideal in environments where enhanced aesthetics are important, such as theatres, exhibition halls and retail spaces.

Many building services are now left exposed in the roof space and in response customers have requested black suspension solutions to ‘vanish’ or match what is being suspended, such as light fittings or cable trays.

To achieve the desired black finish, hangers and wires are chemically blackened via a process of dipping through a variety of inert, non-hazardous chemicals.

Each new Black Line kit comes complete with a black hanger, black wire rope and a choice of black end fixings.

For more information about Black Line products from employee-owned Gripple please contact Catherine King on 0114 2288 617.


For further press information please contact Margaret Laver at Proactive PR on 07723 010 752 or


Posted 15/06/2015.

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