2018 Year in Review: Gripple on the BBC

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2018 Year in Review: Gripple on the BBC

2018 Year in Review: Gripple on the BBC

We never shy away from a bit of national TV exposure, and 2018 has been no different, with the BBC visiting our Sheffield offices twice this year!

In January, we welcomed the popular journalist and TV presenter, Michael Mosley, and film crew, to shoot a new health and biology programme entitled, ‘The Truth about Getting Fit’. The programme examined which kind of exercise was best for our health and featured six Gripple people as volunteers who took part in the experiment.

Later in the year, in September, BBC national news visited our Sheffield HQ, the Old West Gun Works, to get our thoughts on employee ownership (EO), shortly after the Labour party’s ‘Inclusive Ownership Fund’ announcement. While we didn’t entirely recognise the party’s share ownership vision, we were pleased to see EO on the agenda in parliament and more than happy to explain the virtues of our own approach to the business model.

Posted 10/12/2018.

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