We Want To See You Twisting....

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We Want To See You Twisting....

We're celebrating the launch of the new Twist Clamp for pipework applications this month with a novel competition where we're asking you to simply do one thing for us: Get twisting! 
So, we’re into November and we’ve got two things on our mind. 1) it’s getting colder and 2) we’re about to launch the Twist Clamp – the fastest method yet, of securing all forms of pipework. We figured we’d address both these points (‘two birds with one stone’, if you will) with a little competition that will keep us all warm during the winter months, while also introducing you to a thoroughly excellent, time-saving innovation. We want you to get TWISTING. 
Consider this your invitation, to twist wherever you are; whether it be on-site or in the office, we’re challenging you to show us your shapes by sending us a video selfie via one of our social channels (links below). We’ll give away a portable Snugg wireless Bluetooth speaker worth £60 to our favourite. 
What do you need to know about the Twist Clamp then? Designed for securing all types of pipework within mechanical and plumbing services, it’s a tool free, one handed installation and adjustment to the Gripple Pipe bracket. One quarter-turn and that’s it. It really is that simple. So simple in fact, it makes pipework suspensions SIX times faster to install compared to traditional methods. You may have to find something else to do with all your spare time.
We’re all nursing sore hips here so we’re going to sit down for a moment and leave the twisting to you. Go on, don’t be shy...
For more information on the new Twist Clamp, you can get in touch with your local sales advisor here.  
Send your twist video's to one of our social channels below:

Posted 04/11/2014.

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